Major Evest

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Knowing each other since 2002, DJ Scorpion and Ninor always maintained a lively artistic exchange. Both Artists improved their skills exploring different musical genres: DJ Scorpion in the field of EDM and Techno, but also in Hip Hop (among others productions for “T the Boss”); and Ninor in the field of Hip Hop (among others productions for “Zweierpasch”) and Ambient Music.  

In 2015 they teamed up for their first real album-length collaboration “Terrae Motvs”, now under the name of MAJOR EVEST. On this project the producer duo tried to combine the genres “EDM” and the so-called “World-Music” genre, combining musical influences from all around the world with the sounds of modern electronic dance music. Even though this first project was finished already in 2016, it has been finally released in december 2018.

In the meantime MAJOR EVEST worked on a second album-length collaboration called “In Ragged Times”. On this project they explored the possibilities of the “Electro-Swing”-Genre, combining modern (mostly electronic) music influences like House, Dubstep, Trap and even Hip Hop with the sound of early 20’s Jazz and 30’s Swing Music. This project could be finished in October 2018 and was released in June 2019.

Taking a look into the future, MAJOR EVEST is currently working on their third project in which they once again try to combine completely different musical genres: This time they try to bring together early blues/gospel vibes with modern electronic music influences. Stay tuned for further information!

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TERRAE MOTVS by Major Evest

(Released in Decembre 2018)


01. Dancing Dew
02. Tender Water in a Perfumed Garden
03. Poetry of the Dancing Bee
04. Beyoglu Nights
05. Terrae Motvs
06. Cedars Timbre
07. I Wanna Lie Down
08. Amor Fati
09. Gates to Eternity
10. Rising
11. The Longing
12. Blinded by the Night
13. My Heart Is my Guider
14. Truth Is a Pathless Land

In Ragged Times by Major Evest

(Released in June 2019)


01. Into Ragged Times
02. Ballroom Vagabond
03. You Bring Out The Best In Me Feat. Florine Puluj
04. Charming Rascal
05. Downtime Spirit             
06. The Breakthrough                    
07. Hunky Dory                   
08. Hello Satan
09. La Classe
10. The Chase                
11. Never Givin Up The Nightlife
12. Discrete Desire               
13. Nuit Debout           
14. Whoopee Stomp                
15. What Will Be Tomorrow             
16. Chasing Demons                 
17. Road To Deliverance               
18. You Have To Go

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Photos and Editing: Sarah Reuland (

Make-Up Artist: Valentina Becker (

Model: Wera Czernek

Location: @ “Kaale Kaffi” (Mustafa Solak) Luxembourg, 2017