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Album: In Ragged Times

TM Cover

TERRAE MOTVS by Major Evest

(Released in Decembre 2018)

!This album was solely released on CD!


01. Dancing Dew
02. Tender Water in a Perfumed Garden
03. Poetry of the Dancing Bee
04. Beyoglu Nights
05. Terrae Motvs
06. Cedars Timbre
07. I Wanna Lie Down
08. Amor Fati
09. Gates to Eternity
10. Rising
11. The Longing
12. Blinded by the Night
13. My Heart Is my Guider
14. Truth Is a Pathless Land




All Songs produced and arranged by Major Evest (2017)
Mix & Mastering by Jacques “StA” Rasic @ DAD Studios Luxembourg (2017)

Cover Art & Graphic Design: Ninor
“Major Evest”-Logo (Regular & “In Ragged Times” Special Draft) by Julien Primout

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