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NINOR discovered Hip Hop Music in 2001 and being surrounded at that time by a lot of active members of the Luxembourgish Rap, he soon felt the urge to produce music of its own.

Ever since then, the Hip Hop culture and its artistic approach form the fundament for all of his later projects.


After placing some beats on minor Luxembourgish and German rap releases, he produced/co-produced 3 Songs on the album Alle guten Dinge sind 2 of the German rap band Zweierpasch in 2013.

Knowing each other since 2002, Ninor teamed up with his long time musical companion and mentor DJ Scorpion to form the Producer Duo MAJOR EVEST in 2015. They finished their first album called TERRAE MOTVS in 2016, which was finally released in December 2018. On this project the producer duo tried to fuse the genres “EDM” and the so-called “World-Music” genre, combining musical influences from all around the world with the sounds of modern electronic dance music.

​In the meantime MAJOR EVEST worked on a second album-length collaboration called IN RAGGED TIMES. On this project they explored the possibilities of the “Electro-Swing”-Genre, combining modern (mostly electronic) music influences like House, Dubstep, Trap and Hip Hop with the sound of early 20’s Jazz and 30’s Swing Music. This album was released in June 2019.

​Besides working on a new MAJOR EVEST Album, NINOR released the Jazz-influenced solo instrumental Hip Hop Record "Mind City Meditation" in December 2020 featuring some musical guests. In the run-up to this project a couple more songs were released as singles & EPs on the digital channels.

Ninor's Releases (click on image)

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December 2020 (Album)           October 2020 (EP)                July 2020 (EP)                           April 2020 (Single)


All Photos by Sarah Reuland

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