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New Major Evest Song "Feels so Blue"

Lovely people,

we are proud to present to you the first single “Feels so Blue” from our upcoming third album “Into the Blue”. This song was actually the starting point for the whole new project. While we were working on our last album “In Ragged Times”, we discovered that inspiration could be drawn not only from the early 20th century Swing music, but also from the Blues music of that same time period. So we took a deep dive into the history of early Blues music and experimented. While we still altered and adjusted a lot of these influences, we tried to capture their essence in our new songs.

“Feels so Blues” was the first song that we finished for this new project.

You can find it here:

- Spotify:

- Apple Music:

- Amazon:

- Youtube:

Mix & Mastering by Stefan Harth, 2020

Photo Credit: Original Photo by Annie Spratt via

Artwork by Ninor

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