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New EP "Straying" - out now!

Ninor just released an EP with 8 mellow, soulful & jazzy instrumental Beats.

The perfect music to stray through the city and let your mind wander!

You can listen to "Straying" here:

- Youtube:

- Soundcloud:

- Amazon:


01. Nightfall

02. Enter the Vault

03. Elevated Contrasts

04. Call of the Sirens

05. Intriguing Distractions

06. Midnight Movie

07. Nostalgia

08. Passing Lights

Additional Keyboard on „Enter the Vault“ by Chris Hà -

Additional Guitar on „Call of the Sirens“ by Stefan Harth –

Mix & Mastering by Jacques "StA" Rasic @ D4D Studios in Luxembourg (2020)

Cover Art & Photo by Ninor

© Ninor 2020

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