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„NEON DUST“– a new Ninor EP out now!

In October I released the "Neon Dust"-EP with 5 smooth & urban instrumental beats.

The next stop will be the release of my first solo Album “Mind City Meditation” on the 1st December 2020 – stay tuned!

You can listen to "Neon Dust" here:

- Spotify:

- Youtube:

- Soundcloud:

- Amazon:

- Google Play:

-Apple Music:


01. Sweet Reunion

02. Bird’s Eye View

03. Are N’ Be

04. Golden

05. Exit on Sunrise

Additional Keyboard on „Sweet Reunion“ by Stefan Haulitschke

Additional Saxophone on „Sweet Reunion“ by Malte Breuhaus

Additional Guitar on „Are N’ Be“ by Stefan Harth

Mix & Mastering by Jacques "StA" Rasic @ D4D Studios in Luxembourg (2020)

Cover Art & Photo by Ninor

© Ninor 2020

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