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First Ninor Solo Album "Mind City Meditation" out now!

Aktualisiert: 8. Dez. 2020

Lovely people – finally here it is! My first solo Album MIND CITY MEDITATION.

These 16 songs represent the essence of my musical journey of the last 3 years.

16 contemplative, jazzy & melancholic instrumental Hip Hop tunes that I created together with a handful of great guest musicians. Music to let the world pass by, to reflect and find inspiration!

You can listen to "Mind City Meditation" here:

- Youtube:

- Soundcloud:

- Amazon:

-Apple Music:



01. Cut the Noise (Intro)

02. Grounded

03. Beyond

04. Commuter’s Theme

05. Beatbox Interlude

06. Get Down

07. Here I Am

08. Going Nowhere

09. Inner Sanctum

10. Equanimity

11. QB Echoes

12. Soulfood

13. Nocturnal Delights

14. A Shadow of Doubt

15. Soulcity

16. Beaut and the Beats


All Songs produced by Ninor

Additional Saxophone on 1,4 & 14 by @Malte Breuhaus

Additional Keyboard on 14 & 15 by @Stefan Haulitschke

Additional Guitar on 7, 8, 9,11 & 16 by @Stefan Harth

Additional Beatbox & Vocal Scratches on 5 by @Teddy Smith

Additional Keyboard on 1&4 and additional Piano on 2&10 by Chris Hà

Mix & Mastering by Jacques "StA" Rasic @ D4D Studios in Luxembourg (2020)

@Jacques Rasic

Cover Art & Photos by Sarah Reuland

It was a delight to work with all of you! Thank you very much for being a part of this!


© Ninor 2020

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